Fresh Start

Hi, I’m Josh. I’m the person on the other side of this screen and I’m currently having the best year ever. To start, I changed jobs after 13 years and it’s been the best move for my mental and professional health. I’m in a much better place to advance my career.

More importantly, I’ve found the love of my life and we’re engaged to marry! She’s a true inspiration and I can’t imagine how I’ve lasted this long without her. She’s so honest and passionate. Its truly refreshing. And it doesn’t hurt that she’s stunningly beautiful. Just look…

Look at this babe!

And she has an equally beautiful daughter. She’s quite possibly the best kid ever. She’s so sweet and caring, and an incredibly talented dancer. Becoming her father is one of the truest pleasures I could think of.

Now, look at this babe!

They’ve both given me such love and hope. I’m so grateful.

Together we’ve made the house I’ve bought just over a year ago, a real home. Our future together is so bright. I can’t wait!

Best. Year. Ever.

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