Surrogacy: Day 1

Today we found out that you are officially pregnant. We both had a feeling you were, and that is probably due in part to the 5 pregnancy tests you took that all showed positive, but it’s now actually official. Blood test confirmed and all. What you’re starting today is no small feat. You are bringing […]

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This is completely unprompted and entirely unnecessary, but I’ve always enjoyed when other people have listed things that they recommend or endorse in their daily lives. Whether it be items they use at home or work, music they listen to, sites and apps they use, or clothes they wear, it’s usually fascinating why people chose the […]

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Shifting Gears

There’s a life skill I’ve been taught to strive for from a very early age. This skill has guided much of my decision making and has become something I’ve built myself around. As the skill has grown and developed, I have felt more successful. Yet, less happy and more stressed. The skill I’m referring to is independence. I […]

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Fresh Start

Hi, I’m Josh. I’m the person on the other side of this screen and I’m currently having the best year ever. To start, I changed jobs after 13 years and it’s been the best move for my mental and professional health. I’m in a much better place to advance my career. More importantly, I’ve found […]

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